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Top 10 Additive Manufacturing Solution Companies - 2020

Today, additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is making significant inroads into the manufacturing floor and production processes. It is essentially mirroring the tectonic shifts that came about when the world moved from conventional film cameras to digital cameras, and when smartphones replaced basic cell phones. This is because compared to the products developed via traditional methods, the products created through additive manufacturing showcases improved structural strength. One can further personalize, customize, and tweak parts of the product to fit unique needs. Bridging the gap between production and design, additive manufacturing helps keep the digital thread of the product intact throughout the journey.

The most significant advantage of additive manufacturing that organizations have realized is the rapid product development it allows. With shorter product development cycles, 3D printing makes production much more economical. Additionally, 3D printing presents designers with opportunities to try and innovate without wasting resources. Another ace that additive manufacturing pulls is that the materials produced are robust than those made the traditional way.

One of the critical areas depicting the monumental advancements in additive manufacturing is the very complex field of 3D-printed electronics. With the incorporation of additive manufacturing technologies, the printed electronics landscape is witnessing its first significant overhaul in decades. Besides, additive manufacturing is also useful in producing fully-functional components, like complex mechanisms, batteries, transistors, and LEDs. Furthermore, as the industrial world moves toward more autonomous, connected, and agile manufacturing, the 3D printing industry is also set to follow suit.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated additive manufacturing solution offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed additive manufacturing solution providers, Manufacturing Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 additive manufacturing solution providers in 2020. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CXOs and CIOs.

We present to you Manufacturing Outlook’s, “Top 10 Additive Manufacturing Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Additive Manufacturing Companies

  • Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is an independent, non-profit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization. Together with our affiliates, Enterprise Ventures Corporation and CTC Foundation, we leverage research, development, test and evaluation work to provide transformative, full lifecycle solutions. To best serve our clients’ needs, we offer the complete ability to fully design, develop, test, prototype and build. We deliver robust, technical, and innovative solutions that safeguard our national security, retain U.S. technological advantage, and ensure the primacy of American manufacturing.

  • ACEO 3D

    ACEO 3D

    ACEO® is revolutionizing the world of additive manufacturing by introducing the world’s first real elastomer which can be 3D printed. Therefore proven silicone experts developed not only the material, but also software and hardware opening up new opportunities for various industries such as health care, automotive, electronics or even life style goods only to name a few

  • Carpenter Additive

    Carpenter Additive

    Carpenter Additive is a market leader in the manufacture, development and processing of high-quality metal powders and solutions and services for the metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry. We produce and process ultraclean metal powders specifically for AM, develop new AM alloys, provide expert application support, optimize part production, post processing and partner with you to create innovative end-to-end AM solutions



    CELLINK designs and develops bioprinting technologies that enable researchers to 3D print organs and tissue for applications that span industries, from pharmaceutical to cosmetic. Our patent-pending bioink is a biomaterial innovation that allows human cells to grow and thrive as they would in their natural environment. Researchers leverage our technologies to print liver, cartilage, skin tissues and more. Join us on our journey to change the future of medicine

  • EOS


    EOS is a leading technology provider worldwide for industrial 3D printing of metals and plastics. Founded as an independent company in 1989, we are pioneers and innovators for integrated solutions in additive manufacturing. More than any other company, EOS has mastered the interactions between lasers and powder materials. We offer everything you could need from a single source: systems, materials and process parameters. Everything is intelligently coordinated to enable reliable high part quality and a decisive competitive edge for our customers. Our portfolio also includes worldwide service and comprehensive consulting

  • FreeDimension


    3d printing & prototyping company that makes custom parts for any industry or hobby from sketch to finish. We support inventors in the Tampa Bay area to bring their ideas to the market. We provide product development,(CAD) computer assisted design, 3d printing and CNC routing and milling. Our latest additions are SLA (StereoLithography) Hi-Res printing and laser cutting

  • GKN Powder Metallurgy

    GKN Powder Metallurgy

    GKN Powder Metallurgy is a full metal shapes solutions provider, shaping powder metal into high performance and high precision components. We provide leading powder metal expertise and process experience to transform ideas into production. The company consists of Hoeganaes, GKN Sinter Metals, and GKN Additive to provide powder materials, conventional components, and Additive Manufacturing production. We combine three focused businesses under one brand

  • Organovo Holdings

    Organovo Holdings

    Organovo Holdings, Inc., (NASDAQ: ONVO) is a biotech platform company that has developed a leadership position with its revolutionary ability to 3D bioprint tissues with human functionality. The Company is pursuing multiple IND-track programs to develop its NovoTissues® to address a number of serious unmet medical needs in adult and pediatric populations, initially focusing on liver disease. Organovo’s first IND-track program for Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency recently received orphan drug designation from the FDA, and the Company expects to file its first IND in 2020. In order to help fund its plan to initiate multiple IND-track programs, the Company is providing access to its ExVive™ in vitro tissue disease modeling platform to facilitate high value drug discovery and development collaborations. Organovo’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Samsara Sciences, provides the Company and its clients with high quality human liver and kidney cells for research applications. Organovo is changing the shape of life science research and transforming medical care

  • Schmit Prototypes

    Schmit Prototypes

    Schmit Prototypes is a nationally known, full service prototype company that always meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our clients. We work with customers at any stage of the manufacturing process from the development of 3D files all the way through full-scale production. We do not have a minimum quantity order because we know many of you are looking for one-off custom parts/prototypes

  • Shining3D


    Shining 3D is a high-tech enterprise with China National Torch Plan, professional in providing integrated solutions for 3D digitizing technology. Shining 3D focuses on the 3D digitizing and 3D printing technology, from high precision 3D digitizing (3D scanning), 3D modeling and inspection (reverse design, 3D inspection) to 3D Printing and rapid manufacturing (3D data output). We are rapidly developing, sincerely invite people to enter the shining family. We are looking for excellent person

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