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Top 10 Additive Manufacturing Service Companies - 2021

Even though COVID-19 had an undoubtedly short-term negative impact on the growth rate of the 3D printing market, the market is expected to recover quickly in the coming years. This optimism is also backed by multiple recent surveys that conclude that, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, 33 percent of engineering businesses increased their 3D printing usage while 50 percent of engineering businesses maintained their usage.

This renewed fervor around 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) is now leading businesses to focus on more aspects than just R&D, testing, and prototyping. They are realizing that AM can act as a silver bullet for overseas supply chain issues as well. Problems like the long lead time for machined and injection molded parts can be mitigated through the adoption of AM. And this is now pushing many organizations either to develop AM capabilities in-house or outsource to a local 3D printing company or service bureaus.

To help such organizations, we have compiled this issue of Manufacturing Outlook to help you in the task of finding the best additive manufacturing solution providers and service companies. It is elaborately crafted to assist you in fostering productive partnerships and improving performance. In this edition, we have listed the top additive manufacturing solution providers and service companies to highlight those making significant contributions to the manufacturing sector. This edition also blends thought leadership articles from subject matter experts and CXOs. We hope this issue of Manufacturing Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a manufacturing ecosystem driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Manufacturing Outlook’s,  and “Top 10 Additive Manufacturing Service Companies – 2021.”

    Top Additive Manufacturing Service Companies

  • Provides high-quality components for FDM3D printers

  • 3-D Technical Services

    3-D Technical Services

    3-D Technical Services provides a full spectrum of modeling & prototyping services including rapid prototyping, model making, CNC machining, laser cutting & engraving, urethane casting, vacuum forming and CAD services. 3-D Technical Services is headquartered in Franklin, Ohio, between Cincinnati and Dayton. Our 15,000 square foot facility houses a staff of 25 professionals along with the latest in advanced equipment and technologies. Our investment in intellectual assets and technology enables us to accelerate the product development cycle, meet your demands for excellence, and accommodate your time and cost critical needs in a proven and effective manner

  • 3DChimera


    Based in Miami, FL, our team of engineers have traveled the globe to hand-pick technologies that can help our customers grow their businesses. We don't just sell equipment, we actually use it! In addition to equipment sales, our technical team offers 3D Printing Services, 3D Scanning Services, Product Design Expertise with the same tools that we sell. Our experts are here to help from consulting & design through training & support. We work with customers large and small to solve highly technical problems with our core technologies

  • Accucode 3D

    Accucode 3D

    Accucode 3D offers 3D printing services ranging from part design, 3D scanning, printer installations, supplies, maintenance and repair services, as well as 3D printers from market-leading brands like Leapfrog, Markforged, EnvisionTec, Artec3D and more! From modeling and manufacturing, to education and engineering, we offer 3D printing solutions suitable for any business application or area of expertise. With the ability to print in virtually any material, color and size, our 3D experts will show you exactly how to incorporate 3D printing as a strategic business tool that’s guaranteed to give your business a competitive edge in the marketplace

  • American Additive

    American Additive

    American Additive is a rapidly growing 3D Printing Service and Additive Manufacturing Supplier, serving a broad range of industries, providing high quality 3D Printing, rapid prototypes, functional prototypes, design models & visual aids, composite layup tools, jigs & fixtures, end-of-arm tooling, highly engineered Additive Manufacturing production parts, medical models, surgical guides, casting patterns, and more

  • Catalysis Additive Tooling

    Catalysis Additive Tooling

    Catalysis Additive Tooling has the capability to design and 3D print tooling. We also can manufacture parts as well providing a “One Stop Shop “ to our customers. At Catalysis Additive Tooling we can provide Mass Production level low to medium volume parts in half the time and half the cost compared to traditional tooling. At Catalysis Additive Tooling we can also Direct 3D Print parts as well. This is typically used in product development. Direct 3D Print parts is a tool that facilitate part and tooling development. The Catalysis Additive Tooling advantage is the we offer the complete solution for our customers tooling and part needs. We can support development / engineering needs in addition to 3D Direct Print of part, designing a 3D printed tool, printing the tool, and manufacturing the Mass Production level parts/ Parts Quality confirmation

  • Freshmade 3D

    Freshmade 3D

    Freshmade 3D provides 3D design, scanning and printing services to a wide range of customers involved in indoor/outdoor architecture, industrial supply, and manufacturing tooling. Freshmade 3D developed a value-add product called AMClad®, which takes advantage of the fast output and large-scale capabilities offered by ExOne sand printers. AMClad® products start as fragile 3D printed sand parts provided by Humtown Products in Leetonia, OH, which are then processed into durable and functional parts used for hard tooling, prototypes and end use parts across many industries



    With over 35 years'​ experience, FRISELLA DESIGN LLC is a full service engineering firm that specializes in the design, build, and programming of robotic work cells and custom turnkey industrial automation systems for the manufacturing industry. Let our team of automation experts provide innovative solutions for your manufacturing processes, beginning with initial concepts all the way to system installation and support

  • JawsTec


    Here at JawsTec, we are a 3D Printing Service for individuals and businesses. We print prototypes and small to medium production runs of many different plastics. JawsTec is committed to providing high-quality parts at an affordable price. We offer in-house designing for your prototyping needs and special pricing for production pieces. JawsTec online 3D printing services use industrial 3D printing machines, which helps our customers get the best quality prints at competitive prices and quick lead times. We specialize in EOS SLS laser printing, HP MJF printers, and EOS DMLS printers. Helping our customers with custom 3D printing projects, from rapid prototyping to small production runs of 3D printed parts for industrial applications



    PERIDOT, Inc (pair-uh-doe) is a full-service product development service bureau working for today’s engineer to reduce time for product and tool development while improving product quality. Our experience, broad capabilities, and efficient prototyping technologies bring your new design to life more quickly, improving your bottom line. Our mission is to provide you with a solution to meet your needs, whether it is for design verification, marketing, or functional testing. We understand the unique advantages that each technology provides, allowing us to tailor a solution to your exact needs. As a flexible family owned service bureau, PERIDOT offers unique customer service and new and creative ideas. We can also provide secondary operations on your prototype such as machining, assembly or incorporating last minute design changes

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